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The choir was born in 1990 thanks to Sister Margherita, who was at the service of our parish. In the little village of Villimpenta, once without oratory, Sister Margherita decides to join together some girls from 10 to 15 years old, creating a choir in order to enliven celebrations and Masses.

She makes the young Mattia to join, too, and gives him the keys of the organ. He plays and she conducts. The repertoire is easy and there are not many claims. The most important thing is the birth of a group, which will keep faithful over the years, even changing quite every member.

The choir changes over time. Passion raises, new songs with unique arrangements are introduced and the will to offer a service to the parish community develops within the choir.

Sister Margherita changes location and Mattia gets the duty and the honour of both conducting and accompanying the choir, also with the help of other Sisters arriving in the parish: Sister Rosalia first and Sister Bianca then. The choir is an open family, willing to welcome new members and thanking those who decide to leave it, but who have been part of the building and growing of the group.

During the years the group becomes a choir which can seem quite odd from the outside, especially because of the members of any age, who are really close to each other thanks to the passion for singing and the will to spend time together. In 2002 the choir feels mature enough to take up a new challenge: preparing a Christmas concert for the parish. It wins the challenge with enthusiasm and sacrifice, rehearsal after rehearsal and the concert "Notte di Note" (Night of Notes) is a great success. It was so successful that it has become a fixed meeting during Christmas time and has been "exported" also in some neighbouring villages. Over time, a new adventure has begun: a collaboration with the neighbouring choir of Barbassolo, thanks to an idea of Priest Ezio, who has been the parish priest of Villimpenta first and Barbassolo then. This meeting becomes an opportunity to make new friends and becomes a strength for both choirs, which join together for some special situations, such as the Celebration of Saints Cosma and Damiano, patrons of Barbassolo.

In 2005 the choir becomes bigger: even keeping the original members to enliven the Masses, new singers and musicians from near villages join the choir during the three months of work before the concert: Pampuro first, Barbassolo, Roncoferraro and Governolo then. Thanks to the widened choir, the repertoire can take up new challenges and introduce more difficult and unique songs.

In 2016 the choir has reached an international turning point: thanks to a video uploaded on YouTube with a song from Christopher Tin's album "Calling All Dawns" the choir was noticed across the ocean and invited to take part in a concert at Lincoln Center in New York City together with other choirs from all over the world. During this experience the choir has began a relationship of friendship and collaboration with the German choir "Vocalmania Isenburg". These two choirs together decided to perform Tin's work also in Europe, once with a concert in Germany, in Horb am Neckar (home of the German choir) and later in Italy, in Villimpenta.

These new experiences do not prevent the choir from serving the parish during liturgical celebrations, with the passion and care it has always had.

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